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Cozy bags for scared/shy, feral, and skittish cats, or cats that just like to snuggle!

Double layer fleece with flannel accent. These are premade and cannot be customized.

WESTERN FROGS: cowboy frog fleece and succulents outside, lined with pink. Hemmed with red gingham flannel.

CARROTS: carrot fleece, lined with yellow. Hemmed with sage/white polka dot flannel.

SWEET/SOUR: strawberry and lemon minky, lined with peach fleece. Hemmed with pink flannel.

TAROT: tarot fleece on the outside, lined with peach. Hemmed with pink flannel.

Approximate sizing:

Cat: 20”x14”

Long: 20”x12”

Kitten: 16”x11”

Cat Snuggle Sack

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