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Our current facilities are severely limiting our lifesaving efforts for New Hampshire’s cats.


Spicy Cats Rescue is currently based out of the lower level of a residential home. We have been extremely fortunate for the opportunity to establish ourselves in the community and temporarily operate here at no cost, however, our allowed time is almost up.

Even if we were not up against the clock, we are unable to make permanent structural or cosmetic changes to this location. Instead of walls, we have plastic sheeting. Our floor is comprised of rubber mats and leftover vinyl scraps. We have extremely limited storage, and the only window is small, offering limited natural light.

We are limited to housing 15 cats at a time per our town’s zoning regulations. That may sound like a lot, but that’s only 3 moms with average sized litters! 15 fills up fast.

This location also poses significant safety concerns. There are only two electrical outlets for the entire facility. These outlets are under immense strain from all the necessary equipment and lighting, and we are forced to connect multiple extension cords to each other in order to function.

Our current facility is not accessible for those with disabilities. The only way to enter the rescue is by descending a steep set of stairs and navigating a narrow hallway. This potentially alienates a large demographic of potential adopters, and it makes even day-to-day activities (such as taking out the garbage) both risky and inconvenient.

We have lovingly joked about how Spicy Cats Rescue is “held together by duct tape” and we are extremely proud of what we have been able to do with very limited resources, but we can no longer ignore that the facility no longer serves us, our cats, or our community as it should.


Spicy Cats Rescue will need to relocate before Fall 2024.

Current facility


Inspiration for our new facility, including running water, storage, a designated isolation area, and wide hallways/doorways.

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