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An application must be completed and pass initial review
prior to meeting any of our cats.
As a small rescue that isn't open to the public, this is to respect the time and space of our volunteers and foster families.

A DONATION IS RECOMMENDED TO ACCOMPANY YOUR APPLICATION. While it is not required, it does indicate to us that you are seriously interested and it goes directly to the cats in our care. Donations can be made here.

Browse our available cats and review their biographies - identify any that you would potentially be interested in! On our application you will have the option to list alternate choices; if you are flexible in your choice of kitty we recommend listing alternates. 

We are unable to review applications that do not list at least one specific cat - this includes listing "kittens," "none yet," "looking for a good match," etc.

less than 1yr: $350

over 1yr: $250

You must be over the age of 21 and have landlord or homeowner permission to adopt from us.


1. Initial Review

Our team of volunteers will begin processing your application. This includes a review of the information you provided on your home and lifestyle, as well as contacting your references.

Please be patient! Our team works very hard to process applications as quickly as possible. Typical review time is two weeks.

To ensure your application is reviewed efficiently:

  • Call your vet in advance and authorize them to release records to us

  • Inform your personal references that they will be receiving a call, email, and/or text from us

  • Have a copy of your lease or otherwise written permission from your landlord to have pets in the home

  • Review your application for completion prior to submitting 

2. Phone Interview 
If your application passes initial review, you will be contacted via phone to discuss what you are looking for in a cat and which of our cats may be best suited for your home.

3. Meet & Greet
After your phone interview, we will schedule a time for you to meet your potential kitty match. Our cats are mostly on site here in Exeter, NH, though some live in foster homes (within 1hr of Exeter).

You will not be taking a cat home this day. We want to make sure every family has time to reflect and discuss if the cat they met is the right fit! 

4. Final Review

We will complete a final review your application, now including the results of your meet & greet. The next business day, we will reach out to either grant approval or discuss concerns. 

4. Adoption

If you received your approval, the cat(s) will receive one last health check by our veterinarian. Then its time to take home your kitties!


to apply?

We are unable to contact applicants who do not pass our preliminary screening. This means that you may not hear from us, even to communicate denial.

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.
We reserve the right to deny applications at any point in our adoption process, including after a meet & greet.

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