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Do you accept donations?

Yes! We receive no state or local funding and are completely supported by donations. You can visit our donation page for more information. Thank you!

Are you "no kill"?

Yes, we do not euthanize cats due to overcrowding or length of stay. There are no "kill shelters" in the state of New Hampshire.

Are you a reputable rescue?

We'd like to think so! Here are some credentials:

NH Pet Vendor License #210
NH Department of Justice Charitable Trusts Unit Registration #34170
Member of the New Hampshire Federation of Humane Organizations

NYC ACC New Hope Partner

Best Friends Animal Society Network Partner
Bissell Pet Foundation Partner

Candid Transparency Certification: Platinum

Petfinder Grant Recipient
Seacoast Online Article

Bobkitten Articles: LoveMeow / WOKQ / The Dodo

Will you attend charity events, fundraisers, presentations, career days, etcetera?

Please contact us with information on your event for more information.

Where do your cats come from?

Almost all of our cats are from feral colonies in Rockingham County and Strafford County. Occasionally we will receive an out-of-state cat because they were on a euthanasia list or have severe medical needs, but we believe in prioritizing our local cats first.

Do you need volunteers?

Please visit our volunteer page for more information. Thank you!


Where are you located?

Brentwood, NH
We utilize foster homes for our cats when possible; If you have applied to adopt, you may be visiting another town for your meet and greet. All foster homes are within 1hr of Brentwood. We do not have a public address.

Are you open to the public, can I visit?

We are appointment only and only potential adopters can meet our cats. If you are interested in adopting, you will need to complete an application and meet initial screening requirements before we are able to schedule a meet & greet.

Is your facility handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, no. Our facility has stairs, tight corners, and narrow hallways. We are currently fundraising for a new facility that would be more accommodating to those with disabilities.     Learn more


Do you have any _____ available?

Purebreds, kittens, calicos, double pawed cats, etcetera etcetera.

Maybe! All of our available cats are listed on our Petfinder. If you don't see a cat there with the traits you are looking for, we do not have it. 

When will _____ be available?

We have no set dates for when our cats will be available, and therefore we have no answer to this question. We often post availability announcements on social media, though not always. Petfinder is your most reliable source for our available cats.

I saw _____ on your Petfinder, are they available?

All cats listed on our Petfinder are currently available.

Can I be put on a waitlist for kittens, or apply for a cat before they're available?


The cat I am interested in adopting is listed as part of a bonded pair; can I adopt just the one cat?


How much are your adoption fees?

Under 1YR: $350

Over 1YR: $250

     Learn more about the value of our adoption fees

What is included in your adoption fees?

Age-appropriate vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, deworming, FIV/FeLV test, fecal parasite test.

What is required to adopt?

Adopters must be 21+, have proof of homeownership or landlord approval, two personal references, and a veterinarian reference (if applicable).

Do I have to live in NH?

We do not require adopters to live in state, but locals are given priority when equally qualified. We do not send cats home at the initial meet & greet, meaning adopters will need to make two separate trips to NH. Out-of-state applicants will need to plan accordingly. 

How do I adopt? What is the process?

Hey, we have a whole page on that subject! Neat!


Can you help with my stray/feral cats?

We do our best to help all community cats in a timely manner. Due to limited staff and volunteers, there may be a delay for non-emergent cases. Please complete our intake questionnaire.

I found a litter of kittens outside, what do I do?

Please contact us immediately with a description of the situation so we can figure out how to help. We will need to know if mom is around and/or how long it has been since she was seen, how old the kittens are (age guide), and if they are sick/injured/in immediate danger. Do not disturb the nest or "hover" around it. This will scare mom away.

I found a stray cat experiencing an emergency, what do I do? 

Bring the cat to your nearest veterinary emergency clinic and contact your municipal shelter (NHSPCA Stratham, PMSPCA Concord, PMHS-CV Dover, HSFN Nashua, SARL Salem, MAS Manchester, MSPCA Methuen, AWS Kennebunk, etc.)

My cat is lost, do you have them? How do I reclaim them?

We mostly work with unowned feral cats, but do come across a missing pet occasionally. Please see our lost & found page for more information.


Can I surrender my cat there?

We intake cats by appointment only. Please see our surrender page for more information.

Can you spay/neuter my cat?

Please see our resources page for a local directory of affordable spay/neuter clinics.

My cat is lost, can you help me find it?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist with lost cats unless they were adopted from us. Cat Finders is a great resource for owners.

My cat is pregnant, giving birth, or raising a litter. Can you help?

We may be able to provide assistance through our Mom's Last Litter program

Can you provide medical or behavioral advice?

No. You will need to consult with your veterinarian.

My cat needs medical care or is having an emergency, but I cannot afford veterinary cost. Can you help?

We are not able to provide financial assistance to owned cats. Sometimes we are able to take an emergency surrender, but we cannot cover veterinary bills for owned cats.


I am having trouble with the adoption application.

For best results, complete your application on Google Chrome using computer, not a phone or tablet. Sign in with a Gmail account to save your progress in case of a page crash.

We are aware that the form is temperamental and are looking into alternatives.

I applied to adopt but have not heard back.

Application review typically takes about 2 weeks. Due to limited staffing, we can only reach out to applicants that have passed our initial screening. If it has been over 2 weeks and you have not heard from us, you may send one status inquiry via email. We will not respond to repetitive or aggressive messages in regard to application status. Please be aware that these emails may have a delayed response or no response as we have to focus our efforts on selected applicants, field work, and emergencies. 

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