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We offer free spay surgeries for your mother cats, provided that all kittens in the litter are surrendered to us so we can ensure they are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Mama cat would get to remain with you for life without the stress of reproducing continuously!

This program can also relieve the financial burden of finding homes for a litter on your own, as NH state law requires all cats/dogs being rehomed to have vaccines and a state health certificate from a veterinarian, 14 or fewer days prior to being rehomed (NH RSA 437:8)

Availability may be limited. Contact us for more information.


Please note that this program is intended for cats who are already pregnant or nursing. We will not accept cats who are intentionally impregnated in order to receive a free spay. If your cat is not spayed, but not pregnant or nursing, visit our list of spay/neuter resources to see many affordable local options (as low as $25).

Why should I spay my cat?

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