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We have hundreds of cats come through our doors every year! Some of these kitties have substantial medical or behavioral needs that keep them with us for an extended period of time.

It costs us $14 minimum to provide food for each cat per month. Some kitties cost up to $118 per month! That doesn't even factor in litter (we use approximately 120lbs per week) or medications.

Through our sponsorship program, your reoccurring donation helps support our day-to-day operations. When you sponsor a kitty for three months or more, you will receive a photo of them "signed" with their paw print as a thank you!

Cats Available for Sponsorship

Choose Your Sponsorship Amount

  • 5$
    Every month
  • Most Popular!
    Every month
  • 25$
    Every month
  • 50$
    Every month
  • 100$
    Every month
  • 200$
    Every month
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