Sponsor a Spicy Cat

We have hundreds of cats come through our doors every year! Some of these kitties have substantial medical or behavioral needs that keep them with us for an extended period of time.

It costs us $14 minimum to provide food for each cat per month. Some kitties cost up to $118 per month! That doesn't even factor in litter (we use approximately 120lbs per week) or medications. Through our sponsorship program, your reoccurring donation helps support our day-to-day operations. When you sponsor a kitty for three months or more, you will receive a photo of them "signed" with their paw print as a thank you!

Below are our cats available for sponsorship.
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Nessie is one of our longest residents, living here since July 2020. She is a spritely young lady who definitely has opinions about how the ship is run! Ness is the "boss" of our free roam room and keeps the unruly kittens in line.


Our sweet Praline is a hospice kitty. She was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and as a result will live with us for the rest of her life. She is very happy socializing with our other kitties. Praline uses a prescription inhaler twice daily.


Franklin is a senior gentleman who we saved from euthanasia. We learned he is diabetic, in kidney failure, and has a large non-healing leg wound. He's very happy and takes his treatments like a champ!


Miss Lemon is our longest standing resident here. She was a feral colony matriarch and now lives the cozy life. Due to behavior and her inability to care for herself, she lives here. Lemon is on Prozac.


Our most eligible bachelor, Ralph! Ralph has lived with us for nearly a year. He was very shut down, but has become the steady-Eddy of the free roam room (and Nessie's boyfriend). Ralph is on Prozac.


Millie is a kitten who was diagnosed with FIP, a highly fatal disease. She is responding well to experimental medication and kicking butt! Her medications cost $16 per day. She will be with us through Spring 2022.


The sweetest boy, Bennie was rescued from severe neglect. He was just 5lbs when he arrived. Now a healthy weight, he's getting all the love as he goes through multiple facial surgeries to correct the damage that was done.


Pizza cat, as Roma was formerly known, was found in a dumpster. She has began displaying neurological signs and will require extensive diagnostics to help her live her most "normal" life.

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