Sponsor a Spicy Cat

We have hundreds of cats come through our doors every year! Some of these kitties have substantial medical or behavioral needs that keep them with us for an extended period of time. 

It costs us $14 minimum to provide food for each cat per month. Some kitties cost up to $118 per month! That doesn't even factor in litter (we use approximately  120lbs per week) or medications. Through our sponsorship program, your reoccurring donation helps support our day-to-day operations. When you sponsor a kitty for three months or more, you will receive a photo of them "signed" with their paw print as a thank you!

Below are our cats available for sponsorship.
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Our longest standing resident (June 2020)! Lemon was a feral colony matriarch and nowadays still retains most of her "wild" mentality. She is cognitively impaired due to a traumatic brain injury from a suspected vehicle strike. This left her needing additional daily care and medication.

Lemon is a permanent resident.


Tortitude alert - Frankie can be a freshie! She came to us from a city shelter due to her additional medical needs. Frankie has Manx Syndrome which is a birth defect of the spine and spinal cord. In her case, it has resulted in Spina Bifida. Frankie is incontinent and needs both her bladder and bowel manually expressed daily. 

Frankie is a permanent resident. 

Nessie & Ralph

These two lovebirds came from separate worlds, but fate brought them into our care in 2020 & 2021. Nessie was the last remaining cat at a colony of 60+ in Maine. Ralph had gone missing as a kitten in New Hampshire where he was presumed gone forever. When they met here they fell hopelessly in love. They spend their days snuggling in the same bed, grooming each other, or bird watching side-by-side. Ness remains aloof with humans and Ralphie has severe anxiety, so they haven't found their forever home yet (and that is just fine with us!)

"Old Farts" Fund

One of our greatest joys is offering a safe place for geriatric cats. Many find amazing families, but others are destined to stay in our sanctuary for hospice care.
We provide these cats thorough veterinary care to ensure their comfort and happiness.
This sponsorship allows us to continue providing them the best TLC, including arthritis control, prescription diets, medication for various age-related ailments, and the occasional (or frequent!) treat.

Pictured: Mercy, 19 years old and deafblind, found as a stray

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After signing up for your monthly contribution, please contact us and tell us which kitty your sponsorship is for!