Help! I Lost My Cat

While we primarily work with feral colonies rather than owned cats, occasionally we do come across a socialized kitty who probably is missing their home! 

Our goal is to get these kitties back with their families safely.

WE DO NOT HAVE A PHONE. If you believe we have found your cat, please contact us via email with the following:

Stray Cat Procedures

The following procedures are established in accordance with NH state law. 

Cats with identification (microchip, collar, or identifying tattoo) will be held for a period of 7 days for owner reclamation.
Owners will be required to provide proof of ownership which may include (but are not limited to) a photo ID, photographs of the cat, rabies certificate, and/or veterinary records. There are applicable care fees for cats housed overnight.

If a cat with identification is still in custody after 7 days, the owners will be notified by certified mail of the intention to consider the cat as abandoned, effective 7 days after the mailing date.

Cats without identification are not required by law to be held for owner reclamation for any period of time. Allowing reclamation of a cat without identification is at the discretion of shelter management. There are applicable care fees for cats housed overnight.

IF A MICROCHIP LEADS TO AN ADOPTION FACILITY,  the cat will not be released to an owner until we are able to make contact with the facility and confirm ownership and verify that no adoption contract obligations have been violated.
We acknowledge this may be an inconvenience, but it is unfortunately necessary due to an increase in pet thefts and falsely registered microchips. 

If a stray cat is determined to be grossly suffering or having sustained injuries that are incompatible with life, they may be humanely euthanized prior to the end of the reclamation period. This is at the discretion of a veterinarian or animal control officer. 

We do not euthanize for length of stay or overcrowding.

Please see the below fee structure associated with impounded strays.

Service Fee Type Amount Notes

Reclaim fee $20.00* If animal has been spayed/neutered.
Reclaim fee $25.00* If animal has not been spayed/neutered.
Daily care fee $15.00* Per calendar day the stray is at the rescue.
Internal parasite fee $6.00 To prevent contagion to other pets in the shelter.
External parasite fee $4.84 To prevent contagion to other pets in the shelter.

*These fees are doubled on the second offense within 12 months.

First offense pets trapped at TNR sites or brought in by good samaritans may be reclaimed on their first day with no reclaim fee. After this first day, normal fee structure resumes.
No fees will be incurred while a microchipped animal is being held due to pending external adoption facility contact.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION! We understand that losing your pet and the reclamation process both can be stressful. We want to see them home safely as much as you do!