Help! I Lost My Cat

While we primarially work with feral colonies rather than owned cats, occasionally we do come across a socialized kitty who probably is missing their home!

These cats are reported found to the locality in which they were discovered and they are held for a mandatory 7 day reclamation period while the owner has a chance to reunite with their kitty.

If you think we have your missing cat, please contact us! We are also happy to accept any lost cat posters/info to keep on file should we ever come across them.

If you have lost your cat...

  • Report them as "lost" to their microchip company

  • Inform local police or animal control

  • Contact the shelter overseeing your locality

  • Make posters

  • Post online - either on lost pet websites or local town Facebook groups

  • Set a humane trap ASAP

Once we have stray a cat...

In accordance with state law, all stray impounded pets will be documented and the Animal Control Officer of the locality in which the pet was found will be notified, as well as the municipal shelter overseeing the locality. If the pet has forms of identification (microchip, tags, etc.), an attempt at contact will be made. Owners have 7 days to reclaim their pet within business hours with proof of ownership (adoption or sale paperwork and/or veterinary records) and proof of current rabies vaccination, regardless of whether contact was successful or not. On the 8th day, this pet will become the legal property of the rescue and may not be reclaimed.

Should the pet bite a staff member during their stray hold, a minimum 10 day quarantine will be required and the pet will remain impounded during this time. If the pet has had potential rabies exposure and was not current on rabies vaccinations prior to impoundment, the pet will be held for 6 months in accordance with NH state law.

After the 7 day reclamation period, the rescue may handle the pet in any way they deem fit in the best interest of the pet.
Any pet impounded that is determined to be suffering, or having sustained substaintial injuries, may be humanely euthanized prior to the end of the reclamation period.

Please see the below fee structure associated with impounded strays.

Service Fee Type Amount Notes

Reclaim fee $20.00* If animal has been spayed/neutered.
Reclaim fee $25.00* If animal has not been spayed/neutered.
Daily care fee $15.00* Per calendar day the stray is at the rescue.
Internal parasite fee $6.00 To prevent contagion to other pets in the shelter.
External parasite fee $4.84 To prevent contagion to other pets in the shelter.
Vaccination fee $69.60 For brief exam by a veterinarian and rabies vaccine.

*These fees are doubled on the second offense within 12 months.

First offense pets trapped at TNR sites or brought in by good samaritans may be reclaimed on their first day with no reclaim fee. After this first day, normal fee structure resumes.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION! We understand that losing your pet and the reclamation process both can be stressful. We want to see them home safely as much as you do!