2024 Calendar Fundraiser

Celebrate the Spice every day this upcoming year!

This year not only can you order the calendar and see some of 2023's favorite Spicy Cats residents, but you can also reserve a day of the year for a small donation. With that, your submitted photo of your own furbaby will be on that date for everyone to see! 

Choose a birthday, their gotcha day, the third night of Hanukkah, whatever date you'd like.

If you don't want to reserve a day, you can still just purchase the calendar on its own :)


February  19
March 2, 31
April  2
June 17,  26, 28
July 15, 27
September 1
October 14, 18, 31
November 11, 28

Date Reservation

Calendar Order

Pricing & Payment

If you are both ordering a calendar and reserving a date, you may submit one payment.

Calendar: $25

Single date reservation: $10
Bundle of 3 dates: $25

Calendar + single date: $35
Calendar + bundle of 3 dates: $50

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